Cape Point Tour

July 17, 2011

We were able to do some sight seeing with the Super Swimmers after the event and one of the highlights was a Cape Point & Peninsula Tour that we did on a perfect  sunny winters day in Cape Town.  Unfortunately it was marred by some unruly Baboons at Cape Point who managed to steal Nuala’s lunch from out of her hands.  Trent and Peter proceeded to eat there lunch inside the tour bus despite the temperature reaching extremely high levels before I realized where they were and started the aircon.  Read the rest of this entry »


Super Swimmers

July 15, 2011

In May 2011 our company was asked by LEAP COMMUNICATION to assist with the CADIZ FREEDOM SWIM and our job at Seascape was to look after the International Super Swimmers who were participating.  Race day was an early start for us as we had to collect the super Swimmers at Blouberg to be at the Robben Island Ferry by 07h30.  When we arrived at the waterfront many of the small boats were already on the water and even in the relative protection of the harbour I could see that the wind was going to be a serious problem.  Yes, you guessed, the race was cancelled and in fact one of the boats capsized in full view of Peter Stoychev (Bulgaria) one of the international swimmers taking part. The race was cancelled at around 11h00 and the event was changed to a 9.5km open water race just off Blouberg Strand the next day.  The race was won by Peter Stoychev (BULGARIA) with Trent Grimsey (AUS) second.  Jenny Schumacher(USA) who was also part of our group of international swimmers came 2nd in the women’s race.  Over all the international swimmers did extremely well.  It is hard to imagine the amount of dedication and training that these athletes put into preparation at this level of competition.  They are all at the very top of their game! Well done to them!

From Left: Trent Grimsey, Nuala Muir-Cochrane, Meagan Cummins(Training), Jen Schumacher, Daniel Katzir, Petar Stoychev.

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The Cadiz Freedom Swim

July 12, 2011

The CADIZ Freedom Swim has been on the Cape Town calendar for a number of years and is growing annually.  The race is one of the world’s toughest open water long distance swimming races, mainly due to the extremely cold water (9 to 14 degrees), strong unpredictable currents and wind.  We will not mention Great White Sharks because they are on the other side where the water is warmer, ye right!

The race starts from Robben Island and finishes at Blouberg, covering an open water distance of 7.5 kilometres.  The swimmers are accompanied by an armada of small boats that supply liquids and general assistance to the participants during the race.


June 28, 2011

Crayfishing has been a recreational activity of mine for more than half my life. I started crayfishing with my dad in the early eighties on a 15 ft Ski Craft with twin 30 hp motors. In those days we used to live in Noordhoek and because the boat was new my dad was reluctant to launch at Kommetjie which was probably closer but more of a challenge (too many rocks!) than launching at Hout Bay. So we used to make the trip over Chapman’s Peak to Hout Bay. This was in the days when you could catch 8 crayfish per person, and the average size was much larger than the present day regulation size. We operated with only 4 nets and we never came home without our full tally. We would make the run all the way from Hout Bay to the kelp beds off Kommetjie and Slangkop Lighthouse to drop our nets and it was well worth it. We were also allowed to launch at sunrise and be back before sunset, what a pleasure! Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Island

September 19, 2010

Robben Island

Last week we decided to do an educational tour for Irene Stephenson from Irene’s company was appointed to re-invent our website and we were so impressed by her work that we have appointed her to look after our entire portfolio from updating to hosting.


Robben Island Ferry Sikhululekile

Arriving at Robben Island on the ferry Sikhululekile


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